Social Responsibility is Important to Burns Waring

We’ve always believed firmly that businesses have a responsibility to the society with which it is involved, and have the power to change lives.  And indeed you will probably already know that the partners and staff consistently donate a considerable part of their lives to working with and supporting local charities.

But what about charities further afield – they too need our support.

And working with B1G1 now makes it easier for us to do that - which is why we are a member of the B1G1organisation.

Through our partnership with B1G1 we’ve agreed, that every time someone pays for professional services from Burns Waring, something great happens - we give to someone less fortunate, somewhere in the world, either directly or through B1G1.

For example, every time you pay a bill, we will set aside a donation to provide fresh water, sustenance and support to someone, or a family, on your behalf.  And for every new client we take on, a child in Africa will receive the gift of education for a month.

Most importantly, fully 100% of the contributions that we make on your behalf go directly to the Worthy Cause projects through B1G1 giving.  B1G1 takes nothing from the contributions nor does it receive funds from charities in any way for the services it provides.  We, as a member of B1G1, pay their running costs separately and in addition to the charitable contributions given.

Burns Waring believes that economic growth should be linked to environmental and social growth and well-being too.  We consciously look beyond the short term and make many decisions that have a positive effect, long term, for all involved. This creates lasting and stronger relationships with our internal team members, our clients and all those associated with us.

What does this mean for you?

It’s simple. It means that every time you ‘invest’ in us, we give directly to a worthy cause.

Although, through B1G1 we’re able to choose from over 600 projects in 28 countries around the world, we select just a few that we believe worthwhile. And below is the small list of the causes we’ve chosen to support, together with a background to show you the kind of work they do and the lives that are touched through the contributions you make.

The list and summary of the work they do

Bulawayo Shelter

Located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, this registered charity provides shelter, food and water to destitute individuals and families who have nowhere else to turn.  In addition to food and shelter, opportunities and employment are sought for these individuals in order to provide for a longer term solution - the maximum period anyone stays is about a month. The cost of providing a daily meal and a cup of tea is $0.80, with approximately 80 people a day to feed.  Have a look at their recently produced website and facebook pages.


Donations to date - December 2012 - $800 (see letter of thanks)
                           - previous, unspecified smaller amounts

*Corporate Social Responsibility has been defined by Lord Holme and Richard Watts in The World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s publication ‘Making Good Business Sense’ as “…the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as the local community and society at large".