Tax Scams

Have you recently had an email from HM Revenue & Customs advising you of a ‘refund due’, or indeed advising of ‘unreported income’?

These are internet ‘scams’ – bogus sites trying to steal personal and confidential data from you. HMR&C never contact taxpayers by email without prior arrangement.

Whilst the press and others have been advising about the existence of internet scams, the ‘inland revenue’ scam is becoming alarmingly prevalent at the moment – hence this alert being sent out to you today. A number of clients have rung up recently asking why we’ve not “notified them of the rebate due to them”. Answer - there wasn’t one - and, in replying to these emails, they have unwittingly disclosed confidential personal data to an illegal third party, the consequences of which we don’t yet know.

BEWARE - lots of people are getting these emails. And if you have replied to one, please let us know.

As a general rule, never reply to any email that you are not expecting or know and trust the source of.

Below are two recent examples of the current tax scam – but the perpetrators of these scams can change the content at any time. So remain vigilant, please.

Tax Scam Examples