Accounting Functions and Record Keeping

Your business records are your arithmetic 'track' of your business activity on a regular basis. As such they are essential to effective management and you cannot afford to let the information fall behind or to lose accuracy as you then have no 'map' to tell you how things are going. There is also a great danger that critical decisions could be based on 'whims' or inaccurate information, leading to even greater problems.

Invariably, with most growing business, the proprietor's time needs to be devoted to the 'outputs' that are visible and are perceived as important - customers and production - and theses are important. But so is record keeping. Often record keeping becomes an inconvenience, is put to the bottom of the pile, and eventually becomes a 'forgotten' item.

So how do you know whether you are profitable, or perhaps losing money? If you don't know, who does! And what are the longer term consequences? A dangerous situation looms if you don't keep control.

Burns Waring can remove many of the mundane tasks from your working life by doing this work for you, leaving you free to concentrate on those other very important issues in running the business. For many years now Burns Waring have maintained regular accounting records for numerous clients, on-site or off-site, providing them with the monthly results, VAT returns, KPI's etc.

So, rather than lose track, or employ incompetent staff, you can actually save money by 'outsourcing' your accounting function until the time when it becomes economically viable to employ your own competent accounting staff. It's a viable option you should consider. We are doing this all the time with clients and Burns Waring could make a big difference to your businesses success.