Financial Management and Planning

Have you ever thought how much knowledge and expertise an 'external director' might be able to pass on at your regular 'board level' or planning meetings.

Burns Waring do this for clients - we attend the business's regular management meetings, with the proprietor or managing director and their senior managers, and the best thing that comes out of these is the objective viewpoints we provide from a background of knowledge and experience across a broad range of industries and services. Usually our contribution will comprise new or different ideas, but often it will also relate to critical matters that have been overlooked. What are the issues in planning ahead - which route is the better?

But whatever it is, Burns Waring can help profitability and add value to the businesses we advise in this way.

And it's not a new concept - successful companies have been doing this, sharing expertise, for generations now. Successful people surround themselves with experts from the many fields in which they wish to operate

So why not give it a try - you've nothing to lose, especially when the appointment is linked to our unique guarantees.