Management Controls and Functions

Some companies go further than just using the services of an 'external expert' at management meetings only - they employ their services more routinely at critical management levels too.

This greater involvement, whether weekly, monthly, or other frequency, enables the 'external manager' to bring their expertise and strengths right into the core, the daily running of the business, and the implementation of specifically designed systems provides better control and efficiency over the business and it's operations.

Burns Waring undertake assignments such as these, and our knowledge gained over many years experience across a broad range of industries and services adds value to our client. The peace of mind to the owners, in the certainty that the business is 'running right' enables them to get on with developing the business itself - the customers, the product and the service - the bits they enjoy doing.

So if you are feeling 'bogged down' by red tape, bureaucracy, routines and the like, talk to us about how you can work 'smarter'. There is always an answer at Burns Waring.