Payroll Processing

Banish your payroll problems.  Time consuming, tedious, and onerous, week in and week out, and always worried if you get it wrong - especially under the revised RTI regulations?

At Burns Waring, our fully comprehensive payroll service, from as little as £18 a month, can process your payroll, keep you informed of your obligations, and makes it easy for you to pay your staff and the tax authority on time.

Burns Waring, and their subsidiary company SME Payroll Services, now process payrolls for any small to medium sized organisation (from 2 to 250 employees).

Outsourcing your payroll to us can help across the board – happier staff retains loyalty and improves efficiency and relationships with customers and suppliers, can save you staff and software costs, and will free you up to do what you do best – running your business for optimum profit.

We can simplify the whole process for you – from keying in period payroll data and maintaining employee standing data, to filing your RTI returns and sending you the final payroll and payslips – and we can even email the payslips direct to your staff to save you time.

Get a quote from us today. You might be surprised at how economically effective our payroll service really is!

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