Computer Hardware and Software

Perhaps one of the more difficult initial choices today is in the software you choose to run your business. The array of financial and other programmes, all designed to make your business more efficient, is ever changing - but which is the best for you?

Burns Waring can help you with some of these problems. With first-hand knowledge and experience of most of the more widely know products, we can discuss their respective strong and weak points and how these can affect what you need or want your programme to do.

More importantly, will your choices made now be suitable in the future - can the systems chosen grow with you. All too often today's choice is made on price, either a 'basic' programme or perhaps the bottom end product from a larger software house. But with time you will need something more capable - what is your upgrade path and equally important, once 'locked in' to a product what is your upgrade cost?

Burns Waring have the experience to help you in your decisions, and once chosen, we can help with the installation, an equally important aspect to ensure the information obtained is accurate and relevant.