Profitability and Cash Flow Projections

Many firms of accountants, and even the banks, etc. will happily prepare profit projections and cash flow forecasts based on historic performance. But although 'history' might be enough for the bank or someone not too interested in your business, is this really enough for you?

Projections have to be more than history simply repeating itself at a different level. What if certain events occur - intentioned or otherwise? You need to know the answers to help you plan ahead.

When Burns Waring prepare projections and forecasts for you we will ask questions about yourself, about your business, your plans, your customers' plans etc.. The projections prepared are then discussed in detail with you, and differing scenarios visited ie 'What if ' interest rates change x%? 'What if ' you change your price structure? At which point will activity demand more staff be employed, or additional capital equipment or vehicles - and how will these impact on your profits? Where is your 'break-even' point?

You need to know.

The projections Burns Waring do for you will be meaningful and, being put together properly, will enable you to make strategic management decisions.