Tax and Accounting

Most business requires an accountant to assist with the preparation of their annual accounts, and, if an incorporated entity, in a format prescribed by statute. Also needing attention will be your statutory obligation to file a business and/or personal tax return every year.

And, in choosing an accountant it’s always best that you find someone professionally qualified, like Burns Waring, who are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Using someone who is a member of a professional body ensures you receive the highest of standards in integrity and competence as well as up to date knowledge regarding company legislation, finance, and taxation issues. Your business is too important to risk flawed decisions based on incorrect or out-dated information.

These statutory requirements apart, it’s also beneficial to business owners, such as yourself, to experience an objective review of your business’s performance and viability. This is where Burns Waring, as qualified Chartered Accountants of many years experience and one of only a small handful of ‘business savvy’ firms across the country, can really help you – by reviewing your figures with you, taking the time to discuss these in meaningful detail, identifying any problems, and helping you to explore fresh possibilities and the true potential of your business. (see business advice link)