Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Successive governments have, probably since the beginnings of 'taxation' itself, promised to simplify the tax system - and we are still waiting. Self-assessment has done nothing to ease the burden of tax compliance - in fact the reverse, as most people find these returns more difficult than before

Burns Waring can help you. We aim to ensure that all our clients submit their tax returns correctly on time thus avoiding penalties. As a client, once we have all your information, you will be advised of your liabilities, payment dates and amounts in sufficient time. There is nothing worse than not being aware of one's liability until a few days before having to find the cash.

Additionally, we handle all Inland Revenue enquiries and conduct skilled negotiation with the Revenue where necessary - see our Professional Fees Insurance scheme.

Find out about our new Self Assessment “Tax-Packs” that make preparation of your annual SA100 even more efficient and cost effective!