Greater incentives needed in Green Deal

The British Property Federation (BPF) has welcomed a new energy saving proposal from the Government, but has called for more incentives to be provided to property owners. The Government is nearing the end of its consultation on the Green Deal, which aims to reduce carbon emissions by focusing on the energy efficiency of British properties.

However, the BPF believes that the current plans need to be bolstered with a number of additions including a sanctioned roll out of Display Energy Certificates. It is also calling for greater clarity on how energy efficiency regulations on private rented property purchased between 2016 and 2018 would work, with current proposals being queried. Most importantly, the BPF is calling for additional fiscal incentives to help make the initiative a more enticing prospect for UK property owners.

BPF chief executive Liz Peace backed the plans but warned that there remained no credible strategy for reducing energy demand in property. She also warned that non-domestic buildings were unlikely to meet the targets for reductions needed by the 2050 deadline. "Fiscal incentives may be required to attract both owners and occupiers to participate amongst competing commercial and legal issues," Ms Peace said. "If fiscal incentives are the carrot then Government must also clarify its stick approach by giving greater detail on the introduction of minimum standards as soon as possible."