HMRC launches tax crackdown on electricians

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has warned electricians that they could face criminal charges if they fail to get their taxes in order before the deadline on 15 May.

HMRC is writing to 50,000 electricians to inform them of the possible sanctions they may face if they do not fully disclose their income. In a bid to encourage electricians to come forward, HMRC has launched its Electricians Tax Safe Plan which will reduce the penalty rate they will incur on any tax owed to a maximum of 20%, rather than the usual rate of up to 100%.

Marian Wilson, head of HMRC campaigns, claimed they want to make it easy for electricians to contact them and make a full disclosure of their income. "We are using a variety of intelligence sources to target electricians who have not declared their full income," she said. "I urge tradespeople in this group who think they may owe tax on their income to get in touch and get their tax affairs in order, simply and on the best terms."

The latest move follows earlier clampdowns by HMRC on other professionals such as plumbers and doctors which aimed to encourage them to disclose any unpaid income tax.