Osborne rules out tax breaks for married couples

George Osborne has reportedly ruled out the introduction of tax breaks for married couples in next month's Budget. The Chancellor is risking the fury of Conservative backbenchers, who have long demanded that marriage should be recognised in the tax system. He is also been accused of "kow-towing" to the Liberal Democrats by delaying any potential measures.

A pledge to include marriage in the tax system was included as part of the coalition agreement, but Treasury sources have told the Sunday Telegraph that this will not be outlined in the upcoming Budget. Philip Davies, the Conservative MP for Shipley, told the newspaper: "We need tax cuts to help the recovery. A transferable allowance for married couples supports the institution of marriage, making it even more laudable.

"The Government should be doing more to cut public spending and cut taxes. Half of the cost of marriage tax allowances could be paid for simply by cutting aid to India."

Prime Minister David Cameron and work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith have both backed tax breaks for married couples in the past.